KAPP has extensive knowledge and experience in producing, sales and services of Liquid ice machines.
Since 1999, the strong company has been leading in designing, manufacturing and servicing refrigeration and liquid ice systems for fisheries and industries.


Optimice® is a rapid cooling system on board the ship using seawater. 

The liquid slurry ice surrounds the fish, quickly cooling it down below 0°C and keeping the temperature around -0.5°C. During the whole fishing trip, landing, during transport to manufacturers and at the final consumer the fish stays at the same temperature without freezing.

Therefore, the cold chain never breaks with Optimice® rapid cooling and the fish stays fresh at all times, maintaining maximum quality.


KAPP – the original Optim-ICE® Company, has manufactured and sold over 500 machines under the name Optim-ICE® all over the world since 1999.

Sales offices are in the USA, Norway, France, Faroe Island, Russia and Mexico.


Contact our service manager, Heimir Halldórsson for more information.

+354-664-1306 or ​hh@kapp.is

Service Shift:
Twenty four hours

Tel.: +354-664 1310





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