OptimICE® Krapagámur

Hraðkælikerfi sem framleiðir krapa úr sjóvatni eða saltvatni um borð í skipinu eða á landi.

  • Customized for each one

  • Easy in transport

  • Good solution to increase quality

  • Simplifies the process

What’s in the container?

The containers come ready-made. They only need to be connected to electricity, water and drainage. They are individually designed for each customer, so the OptimICE® cooling equipment in each container is different.

  • OptimICE® Liquid Ice Machine

    The Liquid ice machine makes liquid ice from salt water.

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  • OptimICE® PreCooler

    A pre-cooler cools the water before it enters the liquid ice machine and maintains the same performance when the temperatures varies.

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  • OptimICE® Storage Tank

    The storage tank stores the
    liquid ice and keeps it at
    maximum quality.

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  • Brine System

    Brine system is for those who do not have access to the sea.

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Where The Cool Chain Never Breaks

The liquid slurry ice surrounds the fish, quickly cooling it down below 0°C and keeping the temperature around -0.5°C. During the whole fishing trip, landing, during transport to manufacturers and at the final consumer the fish stays at the same temperature without freezing. Therefore, the cool chain never breaks with OptimICE® rapid cooling and the fish stays fresh at all times, maintaining maximum quality.