A Pre-cooler helps to speed up the cooling of fish on board ships and maintains the cooling during land processing.

In most OptimICE liquid machines there is a built-in pre-cooler, but in land processing there is a special pre-cooler connected to the fish processing line in several places.

With this, the temperature always remains around 0°C during the processing process, and maximum quality is achieved, resulting in a much longer shelf life.

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OptimICE method for landbased processing

Using pre-cooling, the temperature is always close to 0°C during the fishing trip, processing and transport, resulting in maximum quality and longer shelf life.


This example shows data for white fish caught on a ship with OptimICE rapid cooling on board. OptimICE rapidly cools the catch down to around -0,7°C within the first hour. The temperature stays the same until the catch is landed, even during a longer fishing trip


Technical Specification:

Pre-Coolers are used to obtain optimal utilization of the Optim-Ice® System in
varying circumstances. The Pre-Cooler is adjusted and calibrated to suit each customer and his particular requirements. The selection of the correct
Pre-Cooler is dependant on the size of the liquid ice system being used and water
temperature. The use of a Pre-Cooler allows the customer to optimize the efficiency of the liquid ice system at both different levels of flow and water temperature.


R-404A /R-449A

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