Liquid Ice Machines

Liquid Ice Machines

OptimICE® liquid ice machines are produced in different models for different conditions.

We help you choose a machine that suits your situation.

In order to know what suits you best, we need the following information:

  • Off or onshore application.
  • Volume of product per hour.
  • Highest temperature of the product.
  • What is your target product temperature.
  • Highest water temperature (used for ice production).
  • A brief description of your manufacturing process will help.
  • Electrical information.

Pleas contact our service manager, Heimir Halldórsson for more information.

+354-664-1306 or ​


OptImICE® System acronyms details:

BP  Standard version with Intergraded pre-cooler 

   Intergraded pre-cooler

T     For warmer weather climates

R     Using existing pump circulation system

S     Air cooled

H     Hydraulic driven

B      Standard version without Intergraded pre-cooler